Toledo ERs see spike in children's injuries

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo emergency rooms have seen a spike in injuries, especially among children.

A student at Chase Elementary was sent to the hospital Friday afternoon after she fell off a slide. School officials said the seven-year-old girl will be fine, and more scared than anything else. However, the incident illustrates what ER doctors have seen recently.

"They're doing things that they haven't been doing all winter long," said Dr. Eugene Izsak, an ER doctor at Toledo Hospital. "They're at the playground climbing on swings and slides. They're riding their bicycles and getting on their skateboards. All these things are somewhat hazardous."

Injuries Izsak has seen an increase in include falls, head injuries and broken bones.

"When we go from the winter time to our summertime population, we see a decrease in the number of illnesses and a corresponding increase in the number of injuries. Our numbers stay about the same, but our mix is different," Izsak said.

Shareen Strozier is a mother and a babysitter. She said she never lets her children out of her sight.

"My kids have personally never had a broken bone in their life, never any stitches. I think I've been pretty diligent about keeping my kids close by. Sometimes I feel like I'm being over protective, but it's keeping us safe," Strozier said.

However, Strozier said she will not let the fear of injuries keep her kids from the playground.

"Playing at a playground is the best thing a kid can do," Strozier said.

Doctors ask parents to keep a close on their children, and get them to wear safety gear when applicable.

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