Attorney General wants tougher sentences

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A new study has found a very small percentage of Ohio's population is responsible for a large number of violent crimes. The study was conducted by an Ohio state professor at the Attorney General's request.

The study analyzed crime statistics dating back to the 1970s, and found less than 1 percent of Ohio's population has been convicted of at least 3 violent offenses, but those people account for one third of all violent crime convictions state-wide.

Attorney general DeWine says the study shows the danger and predictability of repeat offenders. He's calling for tougher sentences for these people, especially if they're found with a gun.

DeWine says there's no reason someone with a history of violent crime should be walking the street:

"We should always have room in our prisons and do have room in our prisons for someone who is likely to kill an Ohio citizen in the future. If someone is likely to kill my daughter or your daughter or someone else's daughter, they need to be locked up."

Attorney General DeWine says he'll come up with specific recommendations for action in the next few weeks. He'll then work with the Kasich administration on legislation which could be introduced this fall.

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