TPD bringing back motorcycle patrol unit

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Police Department is bringing back its motorcycle patrol unit, with 9 officers and 9 motorcycles, and officers assigned to that unit have been riding the streets this week as part of training to prepare for regular patrols starting in June.

The unit was disbanded under former Chief Mike Navarre and has been reinstated by TPD Chief Derrick Diggs.

The unit will be working a variety of assignments, including neighborhood beat patrols.

"When you're in a police car, you're riding around the public tends to shy away from you. When you're on a motorcycle, I've seen it just this week since we've been out riding, everybody wants to come up and talk to you. It's a great opportunity. I've learned a lot about riding a motorcycle, more than I thought I ever knew," says TPD Officer Todd Babcock.

The motorcycles and other equipment were purchased with a $208,000 DOJ grant for police equipment.

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