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Drunk woman spits blood in face of officer, ER nurse


A 27-year-old woman facing a number of charges after an incident in Bellevue on Thursday.

Officers were called to a home on Southwest Street for a possible domestic dispute. Once on scene, they found Tiffany Pocock to be drunk and causing a disturbance.

She admitted to driving to the Southwest Street home, and that she had been drinking alcohol. Officers found a half empty bottle of Black Velvet in the front center counsel of the full-sized multicolored van.

As officers attempted to arrest Pocock, she slammed her cell phone to the ground and started screaming about a doctor's appointment she had to be at in the morning.

As two officers lead her to the cruiser, she lunged forward and hit her head on the car door several times. Once inside the cruiser, she started to strike the glass with her head extremely hard, and continued to do so they reached the hospital.

It took three officers to get the unruly woman out of the cruiser and into the ER. While carrying Pocock into a room, she spit blood into the face of an officer and emergency room nurse. She continued to scream, even after she was strapped to a bed. 

After she was treated at the hospital, Pocock was taken to the police station to submit a breath test. She blew at .147. She also told police she was not trying to spit blood at the ER nurse, only the arresting officer.

Pocock was issued a citation for OVI, driving under suspension and assault.

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