One Village holds job preparation event

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - The group One Village has taken matters into their own hands to prepare residents for plenty of jobs coming to the area.

Over 1,000 jobs are coming to the Toledo area in the next few months. Most of those employment opportunities are coming through Chrysler, but companies like Libbey Glass and Fifth Third Bank are also hiring.

However, today's job market has changed, and One Village is getting residents "job ready."

In what they hope to be the first of a series of events, One Village, part of United North, held a job readiness event Thursday night called Jobs Are Coming, Are You Ready?

Representatives from Chrysler, Fifth Third Bank, Toledo Public Schools, and building trades were on hand to answer questions from the employer perspective.

Two to three hundred people took part, hoping to gain a little perspective on what it takes to get back to work.

Representatives with One Village say their neighborhood has been hit hard by the economy, with a majority of residents being out of work or underemployed.

Thursday's event and future events are meant to inform those residents of anything from what employers look for on a resume, your credit report, appearance and education.

"The job market has changed from what is was even 10 years ago. I mean, the days when because dad worked at Jeep or the neighbor worked at Jeep, all you had to do was to go in and give them their name and you were employed. Those days are gone. You have to have a good resume, you have to have some work experience, you have to be able to pass some types of assessment tests. All of this is very, very important and that's what we're trying to stress here, said Beth Lewandowski of the One Village Council.

Also, as a part of Thursday's events, participants were able to break off into smaller groups for more personalized sessions.

When participants checked in to the event, they were handed a survey to try and find out where they need to most help when preparing for a job. One Village hopes to tailor their next event in about a month to those responses.

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