Fast Lane system begins at Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Standing in line for up to an hour is common at Cedar Point, but the new Fast Lane program hopes to get riders on and gone quicker than ever before.

"As you know, on a busy Saturday you may wait for an hour and a half to two hours for one of our most popular rides like Dragster or Millennium Force. So Fast Lane allows you to see all of our rides, get to every single one, and you can get to ride those over and over throughout the day," said Cedar Point employee Annie Zelm.

The pass costs $50, but with a large enough group, the price can drop as low as $30. Riders using the new program said it was money well spent.

"It's the best thing that Cedar Point has added, and I've been coming here for 20 years. And next to the roller coasters I say it's the best thing," said James Shively.

The ability to bypass the lines makes the day of thrill rides more enjoyable, and some riders are even losing count of how many rides they have been on.

Officials say for a little extra money, the pass is exactly what a single day guest needs to get their roller coaster fill, faster.

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