Does it Work: 'Whoa Buddy' dog bowl

(Toledo News Now) – There is a new product out there that claims it can slow your dog's eating habits, but does it work? It is called the "Whoa Buddy!" bowl, designed to make dogs eat five times slower than a normal bowl. It features specifically designed nodules to inhibit a fast eating dog. Owner Brian Alworth and his dog Pepper put it to the test.

"She inhales her food. If we could find something that works, it'd be good for her." said Brian. They first give Pepper a normal bowl filled with her favorite treat bacon. They time it out to be 37 seconds on the clock. Brian said she is usually faster, and suggested she was just being polite. Now Brian uses the same treat and fills up the "Whoa Buddy!" bowl.

Pepper wastes no time and digs right in. She learns how to lick around the nodules fairly quickly. The clock stops at 1:37, a full minute longer than the previous test.

"I'd give it a 'C'. It did slow her down, but not a big difference." said Brian. So if you have a fast eater, this device may work but not slow them down as much as you would think. The product runs around the $8 price range.

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