Toledo mail center to remain open, for now

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The United States Postal Service announced a "modified network consolidation plan" Thursday.

According to the plan, the postal service will close 140 mail processing locations nationwide by February of 2013. (See the full list here.) Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur tells Toledo News Now the Toledo mail processing facility is not included in those closures.

These are the mail processing centers in Ohio slated to close in phase one:

  • Portsmouth
  • Dayton
  • Mansfield
  • Athens
  • Ironton
  • Steubenville
  • Canton
  • Wooster
  • Youngstown
  • Cambridge
  • Chillicothe
  • Coshocton
  • Massillon

The plan also calls for a second phase of processing center closures beginning February of 2014. The post office says 89 sorting centers, including the Toledo facility, will have to be closed at that time if other measures are not taken to make the postal service profitable.

The consolidations will result in 13,000 job losses and an annual savings of about $1.2 billion for the postal service.

The mail processing facility on South St. Clair Street in downtown Toledo employs 338 people.

Sarki David and his wife have run The Original Sub Shop on Broadway Street for the past three decades. A good portion of their customer base comes from workers at Toledo's mail processing center.

"They stop in every day. Some eat in, some of them take out. We also do some catering to them," said David.

He is pleased to hear the local mail sorting center is staying open for now.

"It would affect us. I'm glad they're staying open for a while," said David.

While the Toledo facility has avoided the first round of distribution center cuts, it could be included in a second round of cuts targeted for 2014.

"unless circumstances of postal service change in the interim a second and final phase of 89 consolidations is currently scheduled to begin in February of 2014," said David Van Allen, a spokesman with the USPS.

Kaptur said one of the factors keeping Toledo out of the first round of cuts is its excellent efficiency rating within the postal service.

"Our facility, which is a mid-sized facility, ranks at the top in terms of efficiency, as workers serving the public," said Kaptur.

While the announcement buys Toledo postal workers some time, the facility's size is ultimately what could close it down in the future.

"The size of it is mitigating. It's causing a problem. So we were able to say, wait a minute, reward performance and give us a chance to position ourselves for future postal delivery," said Kaptur.

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