CNET: Verizon Wireless getting rid of all unlimited data plans

(TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Verizon is getting rid of all unlimited data plans including those customers who were "grandfathered in" by already having unlimited data use when the options changed. The technology news site CNET reported the announcement, sourcing the web site Firece Wireless.

Both web sites report that a Verizon executive announced the change at an investor conference.

Last summer, Verizon switched to tiered data plans and eliminated the unlimited plan. The company said at that time that customers who already had unlimited plans would keep them. Many 3G customers have a plan to pay $30 a month for unlimited data use.

The Verizon executive said all customers would soon migrate to a "data share plan." Details of that plan have not been released other than it is to launch mid summer.

Verizon had said at a recent wireless conference that they would offer shared family data plans beginning this summer similar to the calling plans in which family members share minutes among different phones.

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