Wood County firm manufacturing artificial blood

MILLBURY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Wood County firm has signed a U.S. military contract to develop artificial blood.

Spectra Group Ltd. in Millbury was awarded the nearly $1 million contract to develop the blood as a way to train soldiers to save each other's lives.

"If 5 people go out on patrol and none of them are trained medics, everyone should know how to help their comrade." said Alex Mejiridski of Spectra Group Ltd.

The substance looks like blood, feels like blood and even dries up and coagulates like blood. It will help prepare soldiers and medics in the army in a realistic way, showing them what they could be seeing in the battlefield.

"If an explosive device goes off, or if he's attacked, if he doesn't have help in the first 30 minutes, he or she might die." explained Mejiridski.

That is how nearly 70% of battlefield deaths occur, and why the development of the substance is so important.

Once perfected, the blood will go inside a pack that a soldier would wear during training under their uniform.  The blood will mimic real blood flow; gushing, pulsing, squirting and pooling.

"He will turn the switch on, and all of a sudden he's bleeding and 10 people in training will see bleeding and then they'll be asked: 'so what do you do, how do you stop bleeding from here, from there?'" Mejiriski said, adding that getting in the business of blood is a new, territory and an honor, for his small local business.

"To be chosen to help our military, it's something that's very rewarding and at the same time, we feel a lot of responsibility."

Spectra says that they are up to the challenge, if it means helping to save lives that protect our freedoms every day.

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