Bloomdale officials report diminishing water supply

BLOOMDALE, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Wood County community is looking for ways to solve its water problems. The village of Bloomdale said it does not have a large enough supply to meet demands.

Northwestern Water and Sewer District said the village approached it for help, looking for potential water sources for the community.

Bloomdale residents said they are hopeful the search will lead to a solution.

Watering plants, filling pools and washing cars are luxuries in Bloomdale, as a result of water restrictions. Residents attribute their diminishing water supply to a population jump.

"It's grown, and when they put the system in, it was OK for what they had. But now, they need more equipment, they need better equipment, because it's growing," said resident James Grubb.

Administrators are considering contracting with Northwestern. The village would then get water from an outside source, such as Bowling Green.

Not everybody in the community supports that option.

"We got our own water system here and that's the way we wanna keep it. We don't want outsiders coming in and running things for us," said Grubb.

The village said it may not have another choice.

"They've searched for a new well field and they've been unable to find the quantity they need to meet their village needs, and they've asked us, 'Is there something we can do to help?'" said William Barber of Northwestern.

The district said nothing is definite yet because it is unsure the exact cost to be passed onto Bloomdale. Representatives said they are just trying to give the village options.

"That's one of the reasons the county commissioner created the Northwestern Water and Sewer District, was to take care of these types of problems in Wood County in the various villages and stuff. So we're an agency, a government agency, to go out and try to solve the problems that are out there," explained Barber.

The district hopes to solve this particular problem as soon as possible.

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