Dump truck shuts down I-475 for over an hour

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Power lines came crashing down onto I-475 Tuesday after a dump truck working in the construction zone began driving with its back bed up and hit them- causing major traffic and delays during rush hour.

Cars were just sitting on I-475 and I-75 for over an hour and a half, and the freeway looked more like a parking lot. Fortunately, some residents were able to make the most of it.

"I mean it happens. It's too bad that it did, but nature is nature. We're enjoying it. It's nice out- could be worse, could be raining" said Delta resident Doug Carr.

One driver got so tired of waiting that he got out of his car and left. The accident caused major traffic and delays, much more than usual during rush hour.

"It always gets slow through here, I was on my way to a doctor's appointment in Sylvania from work and it got slow and I thought about getting off the highway and I thought no, it's just the construction once I get through it, it'll be fine. And then we came to a stop and we still-stopped." Perrysburg resident Ericka Sabo said.

The power line crash also caused outages in the Toledo area. Toledo Edison reported 7500 customers without power. Traffic signals were also out, causing delays on city streets as well.

Traffic was backed up on northbound I-75 for 5 miles, and southbound experienced a 3 mile back-up.  Eastbound I-475 was backed up for 5 miles as well.

Residents tried their best to make the most of it. Some even came out of their homes to help those sitting in their cars.

"Like I said, some nice gentleman came up with frozen bottled water. He lost his power at home so he emptied out his freezer and he handed it out to everybody as a random act of kindness." Sabo said.

It took crews over an hour and a half to clear up the power lines, and the freeways were back open shortly after 5:30.

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