Village of Weston attempting to buy medical equipment

WESTON, OH (Toledo News Now) - The village of Weston in the southern part of Wood County says it's making plans to get more up-to-date EMS technology, without putting a burden on taxpayers.

Weston's EMS department is run by volunteers dealing with rising medical costs, and directors say that can make it difficult to get new technology, which is often the difference between life and death.

"We're just far enough away from the hospital that pre-hospital care that they receive as soon as the EMS is on scene is very important.  And it's very important that the town is taking that seriously." volunteer EMT Joe Schroeder explained.

Joe says Weston EMTs have all the basics, but there's still equipment they need. That's why they're working with village to plan for those expenses.

"The scene of a, you know accident where multiple squads are responding and we all just kind of share equipment back and forth.  And it's important that we have the updated equipment."

EMTs say the new technology will go beyond Weston.

The plan involves setting aside money each year to build up to buying new vehicles, medical equipment, and technology to keep EMTs safe. The EMS department says if it doesn't plan today, the burden will fall on taxpayers tomorrow.

"We've never been tax levied in this village for EMS and we don't want to have to start.  In this economy it's a very bad economy to try to be, I don't need to be taxed anymore.  And neither does anybody else." Chief of Weston EMS Kathleen Heyman said.

Heyman says EMS funding is a concern all over the county, especially in volunteer departments like hers:

"I don't think that people realize how difficult it is to keep prices down in this day and age, and how tirelessly most departments work to keep their prices down.  And that sometime in the future it's going to be very difficult to run these ambulances."

EMTs say they're happy the village is planning ahead, so they can keep the community safe.

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