Toledo at odds with largest bargaining unit

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Toledo and its largest bargaining unit remain at odds over a financial provision in a new 3-year contract.

A grievance filed by the union was rejected, and the union believes the city is on the hook for $1,500 worth of lump sum payments to 110 of its members over the next two years.

A document provided by the union shows the tentative agreement indicates each member would receive a $750 payment in 2012 and another $750 payment in 2013.

That document also includes handwritten language indicating those payments are only for those hired before 2009 who are giving back their pension pick-up. The union argues that was never part of the original agreement and they want the city to live up to its end of the bargain.

"It goes back to November 9. We met with the city to review the draft of our final contract and there were some discrepancies. When we approached the city they said they felt the language they included reflected their intent of what they negotiated. We didn't see it that way", says Steve Kowalik, Staff Representative with AFSCME Ohio Council 8.

The mayor's office maintains the payments in question are only for Local 7 members who are giving back the pension pick-up and not all members. The final decision will rest in the hands of an arbitrator, who has yet to be assigned to the case.

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