4 peregrine falcons hatch at Wood Co. Courthouse

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Wood County Courthouse was packed Tuesday morning, but the large crowd had nothing to do with legal cases, it was all about four young falcons.

On Tuesday, the Ohio Division of Wildlife banded four juvenile peregrine falcons.

They hatched in the clock tower of the Wood County Courthouse a few weeks ago. This is more than a ceremonial event, the Division of Wildlife said the banding is important for Wood County because the bands they put on the falcons are unique identifiers designed to always link them back to the area.

Wildlife biologists said the bands will allow them to monitor the population, especially these falcons, who could travel just about anywhere. The bands will also help determine how long the birds survive and what their habits are.

The Division of Wildlife said it is important to keep track of the species, which used to be endangered. The state said it is slowly trying to nurture the peregrine falcon population in locally.

"They are a great success story for the Division of Wildlife. We've brought them back from endangered, both federally and state-listed endangered, and now they're a state-listed threatened species. So they're still a species of concern for the state," explained Jennifer Norris, state peregrine falcon coordinator.

Organizers hope events like this will help raise awareness about the peregrine falcon species and its importance.

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