Texting while driving ban on its way to governor

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – An Ohio ban on texting while driving is on its way to the governor's desk. The measure would also ban any cell phone use for drivers under the age of eighteen.

The bill would make texting while driving a secondary offense for adults, meaning a driver would have to be pulled over for something such as speeding first. However, any use of an electronic device by someone under the age of eighteen would be a primary offense.

There's an exception to the rule in the case of emergency and use of a hands-free GPS.

The Ohio fraternal order of police supports the new legislation, but says it may be tough for officers to enforce.

Violation would be a misdemeanor, and result in a possible fine of $150 and license suspension.

The bill would not trump city ordinances in places like Toledo, which make it a primary offense to text while driving.

Most people support the ban, agreeing that texting while driving is a dangerous distraction.

The measure passed the state house today, and will now head to governor Kasich. If signed, Ohio would become the 39th state to ban texting while driving.

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