Restaurant Ratings: This week's honor roll

Freeze Daddy's, in Monclova, was one of the cleanest kitchens this week.
Freeze Daddy's, in Monclova, was one of the cleanest kitchens this week.

(Toledo News Now) - Five eating establishments received zero violations this week during Lucas County health inspections.

An ice cream shop on Monclova Road takes top honors this week for one of the cleanest kitchens in Lucas County. Freeze Daddy's owner, Ron Loeffler, says its biggest moneymaker is ice cream. All 14 flavors need to be kept below 41 degrees, and they are. The temperatures of the hot dogs, cheese sauce and milk were all safe as well.

The owner says it is his third season in business.

"It can be tough, but I'm on top of it, and we have good help here," says Loeffler. "We take pride in presenting a clean atmosphere. We think that's important to our customers that it is clean in here."

Other zero violators this week include:

  • McDonalds on Dutch Road in Waterville
  • P.F. Chang's China Bistro at Fallen Timbers
  • Neapolis Pizza in Neapolis
  • Sylvania Food Mart in Sylvania

But elsewhere, inspectors forced one Sylvania food spot to toss most of its food after finding moldy liquids in the cooler. Health inspectors checked out Chili Jack's on Mayberry Square April 30 noting unsafe cooler temperatures, no date labeling, improper storage and an Axe body spray deodorant placed near the food. More of the 14 violations included damaged containers, improper equipment, buildup inside the steam table, and no ice machine or freezer, resulting in improper cooling. Inspectors wanted employees to become certified in food safety.

The manager said there was not enough freon in the cooler, which caused unsafe temperatures. However, he fixed all of the issues and his reinspection sheet from last week showed zero violations.

Health inspectors noted six violations at the China King on Telegraph Road, including employees not washing their hands. Other violations at the west Toledo restaurant included improper equipment, a messy sink area, opened containers left out, improper storage and maintenance issues.

Jon's Fourth Season on Tremainesville Road in west Toledo, racked up four repeat violations, including missing proper trash receptacles in the women's restroom, light shields in the walk-in cooler, divider in both ice wells, along with maintenance issues. Inspectors also noted chemicals intermixed with food items. Plus, inspectors told the owner serving dinner there was illegal since it does not have a license and grilling outside is not permitted.

At A Mango Restaurant on Monroe Street, inspectors say employees stored food in five-gallon buckets from The Home Depot. Inspectors also noted improper temperatures, opened food containers, food stored on the floor, dishes not rinsed after being washed, along with raw beef and chicken stored above produce and other food.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken on West Alexis Road in Sylvania racked up seven violations this week. Inspectors noted no cooler thermometer, which is a repeat violation. Other violations were buildup in the ice machine, warmers, fan condenser and pans. Employees were also rinsing pans in the mop sink.

Cinco de Mayo Amigos on Navarre Avenue in Oregon received six violations. Violations were improper food storage, including food stored on the floor, open food containers, cardboard used as shelf lining, missing light shields and buildup throughout the facility.

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