Perrysburg woman meets biological family for first time on Mother’s Day

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Saturday was the day Lois Ferrell had been waiting for her entire life.

Ferrell was put up for adoption at the age of four and a half months.

Lois is met her biological family for the first time Sunday, and she did not have to look far.  Ferrell lives in Perrysburg; her biological family, eight brothers and sisters, live in the Toledo area.

"I knew she was out there somewhere but I didn't know where. I even tried to find her but at the time didn't know her name had changed" said sister Barbara Sammons.

That's what threw Lois off track in her search for her long, lost family.  She was put up for adoption during a hospital stay because she suffered from malnutrition.

"My name when I was born was Gladys. My parents switched it to Lois so they couldn't find me" said Ferrell.  Her daughter began digging into her past.  A recent story in 'The Blade' told of the search and led to the happy reunion.

"All of a sudden I'm at home. My sister calls me says 'Have a seat.' I say 'Why?' she says 'We just found your sister.' I almost busted up crying," said Farrell.

Ferrell's biological parents are dead but one of her adoptive parents is still alive.  Ferrell's next step in life is to marry her fiancé.  The wedding will be one big family affair.

"I'm really excited now that I've found my family" said Ferrell.

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