Michigan lawmaker presenting bullying bill

MONROE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) – Michigan State Representative Dale Zorn has been working on a bullying bill that could change bullying in the state forever.

Zorn is close to presenting it, and the only thing holding it up is coming up with a definition of bullying.

Representative Zorn says there are no examples, across the country to base his definition off of, and with everyone defining bullying differently he wants to get it right, the first time.

Michigan already some laws that reference bullying, but Zorn's bill will be a little different than others.

The bill, which doesn't have a name yet will cover all areas of bullying, at school, at home, cyber-bullying, even in the workplace. However, the main goal of the bill is to provide help and council to both sides- the bully and the bullied- to correct what he calls the root cause:

"The important part of this legislation is to give kids the opportunity to get professional help to help them through their troubling times so that they can become a better citizen and to come back into society as someone who can contribute to society."

Zorn has been working on this bill for over a year, but he hopes to present it within the next 30 days.

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