Rossford residents concerned over drivers speeding on Glenwood Rd.

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) – Rossford residents who live along Glenwood Rd. say drivers are traveling well above the posted 25 mph speed limit on the residential street.

Some residents estimate drivers travel twice the limit.

"I think it's ridiculous.  I do not even let my kids get off the bus.  They get off at my parents', in the subdivision behind us, that way they don't have to cross the street," said Kim Garza, who lives on Glenwood Road.

Rossford City Council members heard complaints from residents at Thursday night's council meeting. They say the city has made efforts to correct the problem.

The city had installed stop signs along the street, but state laws forced them to be removed. Now the city is working to build more sidewalks along the roadway.  Council members say they cannot start any new construction on Glenwood Rd. until the sidewalk project is complete.

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