Perrysburg residents issued coyote advisory

Coyotes have been spotted in Perrysburg.
Coyotes have been spotted in Perrysburg.

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - They are a common sight in the desert or a prairie, but coyotes are becoming more of a common sight in areas such as Perrysburg.

The advisory issued is not intended to scare people to think their lives are in danger. However, Perrysburg Police want people to take some steps as a precaution, due to coyotes being seen in the area, and the threat they pose to small animals such as a pet dog or cat.

While trains pass through Perrysburg on a daily basis, the city's animal control officer said those tracks also serve as a pathway for coyotes to move around town.

The latest coyote sighting was Monday in a neighborhood near Fort Meigs.

"Coyote spotted. The thing about it, it was 10:30 in the morning. Few people see it, but they're so quick they're gone by time I arrive," said Officer Jeff Studer.

Studer said steams, creeks and tree lines are also areas coyotes are known to use as cover. As they search for food in a suburban setting, a small pet could become a potential target.

"People really don't have to worry about them. I don't want to get people panicked about it, but a small dog or cat, if you put them in the yard, you've got to use some common sense now," said Studer.

Some Perrysburg residents are taking the advisory seriously.

"I would be concerned if I saw one in town," said Janet Vennekotter. "But I haven't."

Others are treating the situation with a bit of humor.

"I haven't encountered a coyote in the area, no. But I called grandma and told her, 'You need to be careful on the way to the mailbox. You better get there quick," said a Perrysburg resident. "Drivers for garage sales are more dangerous than any of the other stuff combined here in this area."

All joking aside, Studer said the best way to discourage coyotes from paying a scavenging visit, is to feed your pets inside your home.

"You do not want to feed your pets outside anymore. Bowl of dog food, cat food, it's just a draw," said Studer.

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