Mild winter expected to bring bad tick season

(Toledo News Now) - If planning to head outside to enjoy the weather this weekend beware of ticks. The pests are expected to be especially bad this season following a mild winter.

An increased number of deer hunters reported finding ticks on their deer during hunting season, foreshadowing a bad season.

Ticks are dangerous because a bite can cause serious infections, such as lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It is important to protect yourself when heading outdoors.

Try these tips to protect yourself this summer:

  • Use repellant with DEET, especially in wooded areas.
  • Try to reduce the amount of exposed skin by wearing pants and tucking them inside shoes.
  • Check for ticks after coming inside and shower immediately afterward.
  • You can also use medication like Frontline Plus to keep your pets protected.

"Anytime you have a milder winter out there, you're going to see ticks earlier on because people get out there, they come into contact with those ticks a lot quicker, and we know there is a survival rate there," said Eric Zgodzinski with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

If you are bitten by a tick use a pair of tweezers to remove it from your skin. If concerned you may want to see a doctor or veterinarian if your pet is bitten. Also, consider providing the tick to your local health department for testing.

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