Monroe Co. Prosecutor speaks out on bullying

DUNDEE, MI (Toledo News Now) – The issue of bullying was discussed by the Monroe County Prosecutor Thursday night at a presentation part of the "We Don't Want Them" exhibit at the Old Mill Museum in Dundee.

Bullying is a growing concern in many school districts, but often times when it comes to bullying, where do school regulations and state law meet?

Monroe county prosecutor William Nichols spoke to parents in Dundee show bullying from the perspective of people behind the law. He says state laws concerning bullying are hard to write due to the fact that no one can come up with a clear definition of what bullying is:

"Any time there is some type of physical touching and anytime that a computer is used to commit a crime, that seems to be the new way bullies are attacking people because they can do it not only at school, but they can do it in their homes, at night, late at night when no one is watching."

As more rules and regulations come out, Nichols says, people can get a handle on it:

"I think number one, it needs to be reported, the student or students who see that, teachers, administrators need to take action on it when maybe before they didn't take it as seriously as they do now."

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