Area residents looking forward to COPS

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The Fox show COPS will be shooting in the Glass City this August, and people around town are excited to see our city on national television.

The show contacted the Toledo Police Department and met with Police Chief Derrick Diggs and other city officials earlier this year. Police say this isn't anything new for them because they deal with media ride-alongs quite often

This will be the first time the Toledo police department is working with the cops crew, and residents hope that the show will help pinpoint some of the areas where crime occurs.

"The ones that doing bad can get caught, and then we can see what types of neighborhoods they hang out - what types of neighborhoods the police should be patrolling." Said east Toledo resident Willie Barber.

"Chief of Police Diggs is doing an excellent job, but I think it will help him and the officers to put a more on notice and maybe they'll learn something from this whole thing." said resident Molly Tomaskewski.

"When I be watching it on TV myself, I like the way they be doing it on TV. They go at you, they going to get you. Cops don't play, when you doing dirt doing wrong to other people. They going to get you." explained area resident Jeffrey Holmes.

Others, such as Aji Green, think it will showcase the great work our police department does:

"I think one thing that it will do is benefit our officers. We have some of the best officers in the country. And so if anything, it will highlight their skills and talents here in the city of Toledo."

There isn't any concern that Toledo will be on a national television show that highlights crime.

"There's just as much crime in Toledo as there, as any other city. And I hope they get to do out neighborhood, because there is a lot of crime in our neighborhood." said Gus Franks.

Crews will begin taping on August 7 and will continue through the end of September. Two crews consisting of two people each will ride along with police officers for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Police do not expect any major impacts on the department, and believe the show crews will handle all situations professionally.

"The COPS show has been running for 25 years. They've worked with hundreds of police departments across the country. So they have it pretty much down as far as the procedures." Sergeant Joe Heffernan explained.

The Toledo Police Department also sees this as a great opportunity to highlight the job of officers - and hope this brings some public awareness and appreciation for what they do.

Footage filmed will air on the next season of the show in the Fall of 2013.

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