Ohio tourism industry grows significantly

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) - Ohio tourism is on the rebound. Last year, tourism officials say sales grew by $2 billion, reaching a total of $40 billion.

They say that's a sign tourism has returned to the level it was before the recession.

Local officials say they're not surprised to see more visitors visiting Lake Erie attractions, but it's not because the area has more to offer.

"The economy is turning around. More people are finding out about Ohio, power of the marketing effort the state is doing in bringing attention to Ohio and getting folks to visit us." according to Larry Fletcher of Lake Erie Shores and Islands.

The state is pledging an additional $10 million in marketing efforts.

Fletcher says local attractions can always count on day trippers:

"What we're seeing is more people coming from that market we reach out to which is really more of a drive market, 3,4,5 hour day trips."

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