Toledo estimates Low Service Water Pump Station repairs

TOLEDO, Oh (Toledo News Now) - The City of Toledo now estimates repairs to its Low Service Water Pump Station will total $500,000, to bring the station back to full capacity after two of its four pumps broke down on April 14.

One of the broken pumps is expected to be repaired and back in working condition by the end of the month, and the main pump should be back in service next month.

The station feeds water to the treatment plant before its delivered to city water customers, and because demand has not reached peak levels yet, the limit on capacity hasn't been as issue and getting back one pump will allow the treatment plant to meet demand as it increases.

"As long as demand stays below what we're able to pump out of the low service pump station, this has no impact on water quality. Where it impacts us would be on capacity and at this point it hasn't been a problem at all," says Andy McClure, Engineer for Toledo Water Plant Operations.

As far as what caused the pumps to fail, McClure says they're narrowing down the possibilities and precautions will be taken when the pumps are brought back into service.

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