Sylvania organization trains businesses with liquor licenses

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Sylvania organization is offering training to businesses with liquor licenses. More than 100 businesses sell alcohol in Sylvania and Sylvania Township, and the Sylvania Community Action Team lessen the risks associated with selling alcohol.

Similar Training for Intervention Procedures or TIP classes were offered years ago, but the business offering them left the community. SCAT decided to step up.

The training helps servers identify things like fake identification or if someone has had too much to drink.

Some businesses like City Q Barbeque and In & Out Carryout already sent some employees to training.

In addition, Sylvania Municipal court mandated those who have served alcohol to minors to attend training as well.

SCAT and Sylvania City and Township Police have sent letters to all businesses with liquor licenses to let them know about the opportunity. Training is also open to businesses from outside of the Sylvania area.

"We don't want them to sell to underage individuals, which would be our kids. So it's another strategy that we use within our community to help make that more possible," said Deb Chany, SCAT executive director.

SCAT plans to hold training every other month, depending on demand. The next session should be in June. Anyone interested should call 419-824-8588.