Waterville facility will house 24 Alzheimer's patients

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It is estimated more than 5-million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and when diagnosed, most patients are forced to move to a special treatment facility away from home.

Fortunately, with a groundbreaking today in Waterville, efforts began to make sure local Alzheimer's patients have a chance to stay local.

A new 20,000 square foot facility at the Browning Masonic Community will house 24 Alzheimer patients and will focus on improving their quality of life.

"We know we can't extend the life of someone with Alzheimer, but what we hope to do is make that time that they have with family and friends as meaningful and impactful as possible." says Browning president David Subleski.

The goal of the new facility is to make sure any residents of the community diagnosed with Alzheimer's have the opportunity to stay close to home and receive treatment in a familiar place.

"Often the short term memories are being lost first, so things that are familiar and comfortable to people really help them remain calm and have a sense of being and know where they're at." said Salli Bollin, president of the Alzheimer's Association of Northwest Ohio

Subleski explains changing an Alzheimer patient's surroundings could even be counterproductive:

"Your world is confused enough, and when you change that environment and put them in another situation where the walls are unfamiliar, the people they are with are unfamiliar, it just increases that agitation."

The new center will work to make sure the treatment these patients receive will be as comfortable and familiar as possible.

"So many people call this place home, or call Waterville home. So they'll be able to stay here, get the services they need and get the quality of care that they need." says Tara Lloyd with the Browning Masonic Community.

On top of the new facilities, Browning is expecting to create at least 20 new healthcare jobs for the new wing.

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