Sylvania high schools could lose school resource officers

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - School resource officers have been part of Sylvania High Schools for quite some time. Now, a city committee is taking a closer look at the officers and whether they belong in the budget.

Both Northview and Southview High Schools each have their own full-time school resource officer. The principal at Southview said they have had an SRO since he started, and he would hate to see him go.

"We are in a small community ourselves here. We have 1,250 kids, and we'll have a lot of problems that mirror society as a whole," said David McMurray, Sylvania Southview principal.

Whether it is dealing with discipline or helping with traffic at dismissal, McMurray said Southview's SRO is an important part of the school.

"The school resource officer really works as a member of the faculty," explained McMurray.

News that a Sylvania Council Committee is taking a closer look at the officers is worrysome.

"If by chance that was taken away, I think our school would be lesser for it, and our students would be lesser for it," said McMurray.

Sylvania is in the process of reviewing every department's finances at monthly meetings. This month the focus was on the police department.

"Our budgets are being challenged. So the next few years out, we need to look at everything and just be responsive to the citizens," said Bill Sanford with the Sylvania Economic Development.

Sanford said absolutely no decisions have been made.

"It's way too early to say anything like that. I think it's a very positive program. We feel great about it, but City Council is very in tune with what's going on with the budget," said Sanford.

Sylvania schools pay for half the cost of the two SROs.

According to McMurray, there could be potential for more problems if the officers are removed.

"Having somebody here is always reassuring, and we can deal with things as they come up in a very timely manner," said McMurray.

The safety committee will discuss the issue later this month. Sanford said it is likely they will ask school officials to join them.

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