Does it Work: Lint Lizard

(Toledo News Now) - Steve Hendricks is a choral conductor at Southeast Missouri State University by day, but his wife also lovingly calls this professor a "cultural janitor" at home because he prides himself in a clean house for his family.

He's very excited to see if Lint Lizard works, and if it could strike a chord with this musical man.

Steve says his 11-year-old dryer has only been serviced a few times, so there should be years of lint we can suck up with the Lint Lizard vacuum attachment, just like the product promises to do.

Right away, we have a clog though.  In just a matter of minutes, Steve has no problem clearing the Lint Lizard tube and going back to work.  He's impressed at how far the attachment "slithers" into his dryer vent.

Makers of Lint Lizard say cleaning out all of this lint that your lint tray often doesn't catch is a great way to prevent common clothes dryer fires.  It works with any vacuum cleaner that has a hose.

"I'm really impressed.  I think if you used this monthly, it would really help."

We are both impressed with two inches of lint piled high inside Steve's vacuum cleaner.

"I think this is an A-product. Make that an A-sharp!" laughed the music instructor.

So, it's a rare A+ for this $10 product on this Does it Work test.  Lauren bought Lint Lizard at Walmart in Cape Girardeau.

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