Buckeye Cable to limit Internet usage

(Toledo News Now) - Changes are on the way for Buckeye Express Internet customers that will take into account how much of the web they are surfing.

Buckeye Cable System said it has kept an eye on consumption for years. Recently it saw a small group of customers cause a big spike in consumption that it wants to get under control to keep everyone from paying for it.

Representatives from Buckeye said customers normally consume nearly 30 percent of their network capacity. However, in one month, a small handful of customers consumed 8,000 percent more than the average user.

According to Buckeye, that high number could have resulted from numerous situations, such as backing up computer systems, excessive file transfers, and even leaving an Internet connection unsecured for others to access.

Still, for the average Internet user there will not be any extra fees.

"We will alert you when you hit 75 percent of your consumption allowance, as well as 85, 95, you'll be alerted well ahead of time that the consumption is moving in that direction. For 99 percent of, well, 98 somewhere in that range 98-99 percent of our customers, they'll never see that," explained Joe Jensen of Buckeye Cable.

Consumption plans offer between 100 and 1000 gigabytes. There will be a $10 fee for each 50 GB a user exceeds. The changes will start June 1.

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