Rossford to start new effort with eyesore properties

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Rossford said it is cracking down on local property owners. Council members said they are getting overloaded with complaints about eyesore properties, which neighbors said are lowering the values of their own homes.

Council members said there are many neighborhoods which appear to be well-kept and maintained until taking a look across the street. Members said one house was the catalyst of their effort to clean up the city.

Eddie Taylor has lived in his home on Glenwood Road for 13 years. He said he is tired of looking at the deteriorating property across the street.

"It's bad for the whole neighborhood. It just, it should not be. I mean, people should be able to keep up their own property. I know I think he wouldn't want to look out his window and see this everyday," said Taylor.

Taylor is not the only one. City Council said it had so many complaints about the unused property that it recently took the owner to court.

"The owner of this property has been found guilty on over 300 counts. So we're expecting this property to be cleaned up and we expect to take a more aggressive and proactive approach in getting the rest of the nuisance properties in town cleaned up," explained Jerry Staczek of Rossford City Council.

That new approach involves taking more eyesore property owners to court and setting up an anonymous complaint system. The city said it is about more than aesthetics.

"Nuisance properties affect the health and safety of everyone in our community. They are a haven for rodents, rats. They are a fire hazard, which poses a danger to our EMS personnel," said Staczek.

The city hopes cleaning up and sometimes tearing down the nuisance properties will improve economic development.

"We basically want our town to be open and inviting to all, and we want it to be safe for our children who walk past some of these properties on their way home from schools. That's all we're asking," said Staczek.

Residents, like Taylor, are hoping neighbors will cooperate with the city's goals.

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