911 dispatchers say 'butt dialing' awareness campaign needed

NEW YORK (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Have you ever "butt dialed" anyone? How about 911? Butt dialing is when a cell phone in your pocket dials numbers because a person sits or bends down and inadvertently presses the numeric keys.

According to a study posted in the New York City Daily News, nearly 40 percent of all emergency calls received by dispatchers are accidental. It has become such a problem in New York that some dispatchers have said an awareness campaign is needed.

While they have not offered up any catchy slogans for such a campaign, they do say it should focus on locking cell phone keypads when not in use.

Fans of the WTOL Facebook page offered slogans for fun. Bob Wilt suggested, "Use your head before you butt dial 911."

Tony Grisier offered, "Don't get cheeky with 911."

And Jeannine Darrow Rajan suggested, "Call 911 when you need it, but not when ur seated."

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