City of Bowling Green holding bulk trash pick-up

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) – The city of Bowling Green is having a bulk trash pick-up in an effort to allow residents to get rid of large items. However, while it may be hard to resist taking items that may be of value from a neighbor's curb, a local exterminator says it may not be a good idea.

Bowling Green resident Gerald Haught says that he would not pick up many of the items he has seen, but others have taken items he would not take a second look at, such as mattresses:

"It is usually beat up and broken and it would be waiting to be picked up by the garbage man. I would never ever pick up something like that."

Ernie Nelson of Ernie's Pest Control in Northwood has a big warning for anyone "picking" furniture that's on the curb: Those couches or mattresses could easily have bed bugs, cockroaches, or lice-- that you could bring home for your den or spare room.

"I was down in bowling green Sunday doing a job and noticed all these couches and chairs out from the students leaving for the summer and there were trucks and cars down there picking up furniture and I'm going, whoa, that is not a good idea! I wish I had a bunch of business cards I could leave to people!" Nelson explained, adding that even TVs aren't safe!

Bed bugs can crawl into openings and get into your house with them, and can live for a year and a half off of one bite from a victim.

Nelson says you should also watch for similar items you get at garage sales:

"What would you say is more dangerous or should be avoided more, a couch or a mattress? All of the above!"

We couldn't find any regulations in bowling green that make it illegal to take trash from someone's curb, but this may prove it's not the smartest idea.

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