USPS may reduce hours for post offices set to close

(Toledo News Now) - The new plan for dozens of local post offices that had been slated to close is to reduce hours instead.

Although people are increasingly using e-mail and online payments for bills, most still want the convenience of a local post office.

When the United States Postal Service announced plans to close nearly 4,000 low-revenue post offices, community opposition was strong.

That backlash led the Postal Service to back down. On Wednesday, it announced a plan giving communities options to keep their post office open, but with reduced hours of operation. Communities could also opt to close a local post office, but keep one nearby open full-time.

The move impacts dozens of local post offices, including those in Cygnet, Put-in-Bay, Stony Ridge, Portage, Deschler and Harbor View.

Postal customers said it is good news.

The financially struggling Postal Service said it would save a half billion dollars per year under the plan, mostly by replacing full-time postmasters with part-time employees.

The Postal Service still needs congressional approval, as well as a separate cost-cutting plan that would eliminate Saturday mail delivery.

Meanwhile, the future of urban post offices, such as Toledo's Point Place and Manhattan branches, remains up in the air.

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