Supporters Raise Bail for Father Robinson

TOLEDO -- Friends of Father Gerald Robinson said they have enough money to free the priest accused of killing a nun 24 years ago. Supporters have come up with the $600,000 worth of property in order to get him out on bond.

News 11 was told by Jack Sparagowski who's a member of Saint Anthony's Church and the leader of the Defense Fund Committee that Father Robinson's lawyer filed the paperwork Tuesday all while Father Robinson sits in jail. "For us we are elated that some folks stepped up and were willing to post property so we can get him out," said Sparagowski.

Sparagowski said four or five people came forward including two of Father Robinson's relatives, Robinson's brother and Sparagowski said maybe Robinson's nephew. Now the paperwork needs to get processed and then Father Robinson will be released. "Probably we'll hug him and say 'We're glad to see you," said Sparagowski.

An interesting twist to this case is Sparagowski is heading up the defense fund, but he used to be a criminal investigator prior to retiring. Now he's been hired by the defense to look into the allegations against Father Robinson. "I'm very confident he's not guilty," said Sparagowski. He went on to tell us he's been checking some sources close to this case. "There have been some things that I have already confirmed and it would certainly point to father's innocence," Sparagowski told News 11.

The guess is that Father Robinson will be out by mid-day Wednesday. Sparagowski told us the committee has collected about $6,000 for the legal expenses that will be involved with this case. That money has come from private donations and more are expected to come in.

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