Restaurant ratings: 16 kitchens receive 0 health code violations

Ritter's Frozen Custard on West Central in west Toledo was one of the cleanest kitchens this week.
Ritter's Frozen Custard on West Central in west Toledo was one of the cleanest kitchens this week.

(Toledo News Now) - Many schools in the area received an A+ when it came to their kitchen inspections this week, while mold and insects triggered a series of health code violations. One kitchen was even written up for putting a fly strip near the food.

Inspectors told workers at the Bob Evans on East Alexis in north Toledo to take down the fly strips from the storage room and sink areas saying the strips could contaminate food or equipment. Inspectors found a bag of onions stored on the floor in a walk-in cooler, and eggs stored directly on top of hamburger patties, which could cause cross-contamination, food stored at improper temperatures, buildup in nozzles at the juice machine, no hand soap and paper towels at sinks, and Styrofoam cups used to scoop portions.

Pests were also a concern at the East of Chicago Pizza on Heatherdowns in south Toledo. Their kitchen racked up the most violations with 14, including six repeats. Violations included lack of date marking in the facility, moldy pop nozzles and mold in the ice machine, plus leaving the back door open and the dumpster lid open. Cardboard was also being used to line shelves. Repeat violations included no soap or paper towels at employee hand sinks, improper cooler temperatures, dish machines not dispensing chlorine, leaks and damaged floor tiles.

The manager was in no mood to defend his restaurant as he claimed they were inspected on a busy day and said to get off his property.

What will happen with East of Chicago Pizza now? Health inspectors said to clean it up and that they would be back for a reinspection in 30 days.

Mold was also a problem down the street at Martini and Nuzzi's on Manley in Maumee. It was found in the pop dispensing guns at the bar. The owner said those guns were cleaned right away and soaked overnight.

Pita Sub in Sylvania racked up 11 violations including microwave buildup, damaged equipment, rust on the floor of the walk-in cooler, to-go containers stored directly on the floor, opened bags of food left out, along with maintenance issues. Inspectors also found no soap in the restrooms, which according to management, has been corrected.

Dale's Diner in Waterville only had two violations. Potatoes and cheese were found sitting out at room temperature instead of being stored away. Health inspectors also wanted an employee on duty with at least one food safety certification.

Kangaroo's in Maumee also only had two violations this week. Inspectors found the mop sink clogged and not draining. They told management to service the sink immediately. The prep cooler also had a strange odor.

Insects were the top violations for a Sylvania Subway on Monroe, with gnats at the pop machine and a yellow jacket collector by the prep and mop sink. Other violations included buildup in the ice machine and improper thawing of meats served that day. Management said the collector was removed and they are working with pest control to try and control the gnats.

The Whitmer Career and Technology Center on Clegg Drive in west Toledo racked up seven violations with mold as the biggest problem. Inspectors observed mold buildup in the ice machine as well as on pop nozzles. There was no thermometer in a cooler, broken equipment taped together and improper cooking and storage temperatures.

This week, 16 kitchens received top honors for zero violations; four of them were schools.

Ritter's Frozen Custard on West Central in west Toledo was one of the cleanest kitchens this week.

"You're talking about the temperature being exact. You can't have one or two off. It's a tough inspection. We expect it. We know. We have a great staff," said Chelsea Rogers, general manager of Ritter's Frozen Custard.

Ritter's has only been open for the last year and a half. Staff said they set themselves apart by keeping things clean and fresh. Inspectors noted safe cooling temperatures, correct cleaning solutions and a very clean and well-maintained facility.

Since custard uses milk and eggs, Rogers said she throws out all custard after two days and only uses fresh ingredients.

"It's all about making sure everything is clean. We don't use anything after it's old," said Rogers.

Other clean kitchens this week: Taco Bell in the 3300 block of West Central, The Coffee Gallery in Waterville, Subway on Airport Highway in Swanton, Arrowhead in Maumee, Zin & Out in Waterville, Tea Services in Swanton, and Bittersweet on West Alexis.

As for the cleanest schools this week: Old Orchard in west Toledo, Deveaux in north Toledo, Elmhurst in west Toledo and McGregor in west Toledo.

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