St. John's Jesuit holds prayer service for Jacob Fritsch

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – St. John's Jesuit High School held a prayer service for Jacob Fritsch Monday evening. Jacob, 17, was driving westbound on US 20, when he drove left of center and struck a semi truck traveling eastbound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The prayer service was closed to the media, but Jacob's fellow students are in shock over the news of his death.

"Around ten o'clock I just got a bunch of text messages and phone calls and stuff and I didn't check until about lunch time and I was absolutely blown away with what we'd found out  - it's just horrible." said classmate Allen Knapik.

Monday night's mass was held just for Jacob's fellow students, who cannot believe he is gone.

"At first when I saw it, I didn't believe it, because I was like it has to be someone else not J - I just just caught me off guard." said friend DaShawn Glover.

"It's just really hard to think that somebody's family with somebody my age died, and they won't be around here anymore." explained Eric Hinn.

Friends describe the high school senior as a kind hearted person:

"Just a really good kid, and really smart, really nice, just a great guy to be around." said Allen Knapik.

"Oh he was a really nice guy, pretty quiet, but he was a nice guy, always doing stuff for other people." Eric Hinn told us.

Cars lined the school parking lot, and seniors came to begin their healing process.

"A lot of emotions are flowing with something like this, and people, it's hard to cope with. With graduation right around the corner, I think that puts tension at a high." Jacob Butler explained.

School counselors are also available to help with the healing process.

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