ODOT awards Sylvania with upgrades to school zones

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - School zones in the city of Sylvania will be getting several upgrades for the new school year. The upgrades are part of a statewide effort to keep kids safe on their way to school.

There will be a lot of new signage to alert drivers when they need to slow down.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is coordinating the safe routes to school project and awarded Sylvania up to $246,000 for the upgrades. The city estimates the project will cost about $183,000, so there should be no cost for the city.

All of the lower level schools within city limits will be impacted, including Highland, Maplewood, Sylvan Elementary and McCord Junior High.

School zone signs will be updated with flashers and below it will be a speed limit indicator so drivers can see how fast they are traveling. New beacon flashers will also be installed at the busier crosswalks.

When students press a button, the flashers will come on, alerting traffic someone is trying to cross.

"A few years back, the city of Sylvania had a death that occurred, and the state is taking a look at trying to eliminate those. Elimination is perhaps not obtainable, but we certainly want to reduce them as much as possible," said Kevin Aller, Sylvania Director of Public Service.

Sylvania City Council expects to vote on the ordinance approving the project at Monday night's meeting.

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