Graytown School closing to consolidate operations

Graytown School opened in 1938, but is closing at the end of this school year.
Graytown School opened in 1938, but is closing at the end of this school year.

GRAYTOWN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Graytown School opened in 1938. There are countless memories for students, teachers and staff, but not for much longer. The school is closing its doors at the end of the school year.

On Sunday, former students came one final time to say goodbye to Graytown. Folks slowly roamed the hallways, renewing friendships with old classmates. Others visited classrooms where they learned their ABCs.

In the cafeteria, yearbook pictures lined the walls, bringing smiles to many faces.

"We had a good staff, so they were always pretty well disciplined kids. Didn't have many of them in my office," said former Principal Rosemary Schlievert.

Schlievert has more personal memories of Graytown.

"It's kind of sad for me because I went to school here. My kids, my husband and I must have met in this classroom we're standing in the first grade, although we don't recall," said Schlievert.

Marvin Gackstetter was part of the first class at Graytown School. He only looked forward to one thing.

"Vacation. I never did like school really," said Gackstetter.

Still, he did like the rural country setting of Graytown.

"Kind of peaceful I would say. You get free running," explained Gackstetter.

The Benton Carroll Salem Local School District is closing Graytown to consolidate operations. There is no word yet on its future. Visitors at Sunday's farewell hope it will be sold, not torn down.

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