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911 Review: Cracker Barrel shooting could lead to system changes


What happened during last month's Cracker Barrel shooting may now lead to changes in what happens when you call 911.

That shooting rampage is sparking new urgency to fix this. Believe it or not witnesses hiding from the gunman called 911 -- got put on hold and transferred.

CALLER: "Cracker Barrel."
DISPATCHER: "You mean -- Brooklyn?"
CALLER: "Yes, please come."
DISPATCHER: "One moment. One moment."

On the 911 call you can hear a desperate woman waiting to get transferred from a call center to Brooklyn Police. 

A Cuyahoga County spokesman confirms talks are underway to find ways to cut 911 delays like that countywide -- even cut confusion between county call takers and local dispatchers. All 911 cell phone calls first go to the county.

In fact throughout Cuyahoga County 911 calls get handled by dispatchers at 48 different places. The county wants fewer centers with more dispatchers.

Brooklyn had one dispatcher on duty the night of April 12th. By all accounts she did a fantastic job juggling calls for help and police chatter but officers were criticized for not going in right away when they got to the scene. 

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