Rossford police seize synthetic drugs

ROSSFORD, OH (Press Release) - Detective Sergeant Todd Kitzler of the Rossford Police Department brought an investigation to near end today as he entered the Sunoco gas station at 1133 Buck Road with warrant in hand. The search warrant allowed Rossford Police to seize several packages of "K-2," "Spice" or "Kush," a synthetic form of marijuana which is illegal in Ohio since October 2011.

"Because the drugs' precise chemical compositions were not included in the federal government's database of controlled substances, law enforcement was powerless to control their spread through communities until House Bill 64 was passed last year," Chief Glenn Goss said.

According to federal records, the drugs pose an "imminent hazard to the public safety" and can induce hallucinations, agitation, anxiety, vomiting, accelerated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, seizures and non-responsiveness.

The law specifically includes 5 synthetic cannabinoids, and lists them as a Schedule I controlled substance. The owners and employees of Morris Sunoco, LLC, also known as Moe & Lucky, Inc. could face charges of felony trafficking in drugs and misdemeanor possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia as well as a charge of permitting drug abuse. Sgt. Kitzler is consulting with prosecutors before formally filing charges.

Police took a computer, approximately $3,000 worth of drugs and drug paraphernalia and over $300 in cash. The paraphernalia included glass pipes known as "bongs," metal pipe screens, often used as filters for smoking illegal substances and cigarette rolling papers. The drugs seized from the Sunoco station are packaged and sold under the brand names of "Demon, Fire, Cloud Nine, Mad Hatter, Bob Marley, Super Kush and Scooby Snax."

Unrelated to the investigation but found on the shelves of the business were expired gallon jugs of milk along with soda and food purchased from other retailers but placed for sale at this location. Officers also found individual cigarettes for sale priced at 35 and 50 cents each. State tax laws prohibit these types of re-sale business transactions.

"Many of our teenagers believe that the substances sold as herbal smoke, incense and potpourri are legal because they are professionally packaged and available at convenient stores", said Chief Goss, "but they are sadly mistaken. This is a very dangerous and illegal drug," he said.

Rossford City Mayor Neil MacKinnon III, who observed as officers served the warrant, said that he supports the drug enforcement efforts of the Rossford Police.

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