Property owners attempting to acquire Hyde Park

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A group of property owners are looking to eliminate a neighborhood nuisance by trying to acquire Hyde Park, a former city park located along Central Avenue near Cherry.

John Garner says the fence between his back yard and the park gets damaged routinely by people looking for a quick cut through into the neighborhood after being up to no good there.

"People kick the gate in and jump over the gate, just trash and beer bottles all over and they're hanging out back here."

A proposal before Toledo City Council calls for the city to sell the property to the Lucas County Land Bank for $600, and John and his two neighbors would acquire and divide the property 3 ways.

"I'd build a garage and have my grandkids have a place to play". For the past year the Mercy/St. V's Cherry St. Legacy Project has been coordinating efforts for the neighbors to find a solution to their concerns.

"We had a huge neighborhood meeting and everybody agrees the best way to reduce crime is to turn public property into private property," says project coordinator Karen Rogalski.

Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz says the land bank is involved to help clean up the property before the home owners take control.

"Here we have a neighborhood nuisance but very soon it's going to be an asset."

The city would be relieved of maintenance duties. Council could approve the measure at its meeting on May 8.

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