New bill would notify crime victims of offender parole

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Victims of violent crimes and their families would be given notification if an offender is up for parole or is being released from prison, under a bill approved by the Ohio Senate.

Senator Mark Wagoner co-sponsored SB 160, and it would apply to victims and their families involved in murder cases, and other felony offenses and crimes punishable by a life sentence.

Wagoner says he wants to prevent victims from learning after the fact or through the media about their offenders being set free, so they can prepare on a variety of levels:

"If there is somebody getting out of prison who is a threat to you or perceived to be a threat to your family you could work closely with law enforcement, work with the courts to get a protection order, a whole host of things."

The notification bill heads to the Ohio House for approval, and Wagoner says another measure being considered in the Senate Judiciary Committee calls for violent crime victims and their families having more input on parole decisions.

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