Study: Sports, energy drinks damage teeth in just 5 days

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A new study, published by the Academy of General Dentistry, found sports and energy drinks can begin to cause tooth decay after just 5 days of regular use.

The study was conducted by submerging teeth in the drinks for fifteen minutes per day.  After just 5 days, researchers began to see signs of decay in tooth enamel.  Researchers also found the decay was twice as severe for teeth tested in energy drinks than those placed in sports drinks.

The American Beverage Association responded to the study, saying people do not leave liquids in their mouth for fifteen minutes, so the results cannot be applied to real life use of energy or sports drinks.

Dr. Andre Haerian, an orthodontist, says the drinks are so acidic they lower the PH in the mouth, which can harm tooth enamel.

"If you do have to have sugary stuff, I would recommend you don't have a lot of it, but then you want to get it done, drink it, and brush your teeth. As oppose to sip the sugary or acidic, carbonated liquids constantly during the day," said Dr. Haerian.

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