Pemberville officials work to stop flooding

PEMBERVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) – Officials in the village of Pemberville are turning to the federal government for help. There is a threat of flooding along the Portage River in Pemberville, and they want to make sure downtown businesses and homes stay dry.

There hasn't been any major flooding in Pemberville for several years, but Mayor Gordon Bowman announced that he is going after funding for a federal flood mitigation feasibility study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The first $100,000 of the study would be funded by the government, and it would determine what should be done to halt flooding along the river. It could involved the construction of levees, flood walls, or even culverts to improve flow.

Carol Moore, owner of the Forks Restaurant in downtown Pemberville, says she hopes the mayor can obtain the funding:

"We've built sandbag walls three times since we had The Forks. We also get effected in our home on East Front Street. Comes in from the other side of the road from the river. It comes up in the valley behind."

Mayor Bowman has been told there is no guarantee funding is available for a study. That is something to be determined by congress.

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