Substance found on Monroe property killing animals

MONROE, MI (Toledo News Now) – A substance found on a Monroe property has led to the deaths of several animals.

Lisa Cosby and Danny Lovett say there was a black oil or tar-like substance leaking from a large tank on the land adjacent to their property, and there were dead animals in it.

Unfortunately, before our crew could get to the tank, an associate of Homrich Incorporated told them they were not allowed on the property.

The images of a racoon and groundhog in the substance that were able to be captured are disturbing.

Cosby owns a tire-shredding business with her husband on leased property owned by Roger Homrich of Homrich Incorporated.

Cosby and her husband discovered a substance on the property adjacent to theirs at the end of March, and when city officials were shown the substance 3 weeks ago, Cosby and Lovett say they did not do anything about it.

Lovett disregarded the order to stay off the property, and tried to pick up a dead raccoon in the tar:

"He is so embedded, his just come right off in my hand, he's so rotted. Look, there's his leg, that's his leg ma'am. Now do you understand why they don't want you to come over here? There is the leg of the raccoon."

A couple of hours after our crews left, a crane from Homrich Incorporated arrived to place rocks on the area. When we tried to reach the company for a comment, we were told someone would return our call. That call has not been returned.

The Monroe County Health Department was also contacted, and they told us on behalf of Lisa Cosby, a complaint was forwarded to the Michigan Department of Environmental Equality.

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