Drivers concerned about Alexis/Jackman intersection

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Alexis and Jackman is one of the busiest intersections in the City of Toledo. The problem according to many people is how the lanes line up.

We saw firsthand if you're in the far left turn lane from westbound Alexis to southbound Jackman, you're staring straight into traffic heading eastbound on Alexis.

"I've had to turn a couple of times, had a couple of close calls myself. If you're headed westbound, you're going eastbound, you're just about head on," says Peter Dashner.

The lane markings force drivers to veer to avoid an accident.

"Every day if you come down here if somebody is distracted and if they don't know it cuts off, head-on collision right there," says Jessica Slomka who gets nervous if she has to make that turn.

"Every time you wonder, you keep a couple of feet back, take the proper precautions."

Those we spoke with say the city should investigate and consider new lane markings, but it's not known if the city would be willing to do that.

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