Does it Work: Snap2-0 hose

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (Toledo News Now) - Makers of Snap-2-0 say you can simply attach their piece to your spigot and hose.  You won't have to twist or turn your hose when you want to move it from spigot to spigot.

Simply, snap it into place with this gadget.  You can also use it to attach spray nozzles or connect two hoses to one another.

Lauren tried the special attachments on several spigots and reports no leaks.  She said it's very easy to use.  She also tried the "bonus" nozzle attachment and was very impressed with the amount of pressure it applies.

Snap 2-0 earns an 'A' on this Does it Work test.  Lauren bought it at Cape Girardeau Walmart.

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