Adoptive parents jailed after alleged child abuse caught on camera

Joshua Waxler, left, and Courtney Waxler are arraigned Thursday in Toledo Municipal Court. (Source: The Blade)
Joshua Waxler, left, and Courtney Waxler are arraigned Thursday in Toledo Municipal Court. (Source: The Blade)
Joshua Waxler faces child endangering charges.
Joshua Waxler faces child endangering charges.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Police are investigating a couple caught on camera beating two of their kids with a shoe. Police want to know if it has happened in the past.

Joshua Waxler and his wife Courtney, both 24, appeared in Toledo Municipal Court for child endangering. Investigators said someone tipped off Lucas County Children's Services about the couple's two foster kids.

"They got a complaint about abuse of two children indicating that these kids were put in cages, they were being beaten and there were just signs of abuse," explained Detective Kermit Quinn of the Toledo Police.

It was not long after that complaint that a 20-minute video surfaced.

Quinn said the video showed "two children, defenseless. Can't fend for themselves, being tortured and beaten by their parents. In particular, the youngest child was beaten by both parents."

Quinn said the children are 3 and 5 years old. He also said an adult-sized shoe was used in the beatings.

Investigators are not saying who set up the camera, but it was enough for them to remove the two adopted kids, as well as the Waxler's three biological children.

Police are unsure if the taped abuse happened at the couple's home on Seamen Street in east Toledo or at a relative's house on Western Avenue in the south end.

Those living next door to the Waxler's home could not believe it.

"Kids always seemed happy. Seen them outside. No problem. No nothing," said neighbor Bob Groll.

Groll said the Waxlers have only lived next door for about three months.

"They shouldn't come home. That's for sure. They should keep the kids away from them and they should be spending some time for this what they've done," said Groll.

Quinn hopes he never has to see that kind of video again.

"Take a time out, you know. If you're that upset and you're that angry, walk away," said Quinn.

The Waxlers are currently in the Lucas County Jail on $100,000 bond.

They are scheduled to be back in court next week.

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